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Partnering with Altus comes with its perks!

In addition to all the great carrier relationships you get with Altus. Altus agencies also get amazing connections and discounts to set you apart from the competition. Below are two of what we feel not only takes rating and management to simplicity, but also gives your clients a mobile connection to their insurance carrier and a streamlined way to cut way back on tedious customer service work, freeing up your time and energy toward growth all while branding your agency on all your clients mobile phones.


Imagine having the ability to connect with all your clients mobile phones, while branding your agency for top of the mind awareness. Then throw in the ability to connect your clients directly to their insurance providers all in one spot eliminating certain customer service needs. Agentero is just that and they are second to none in this field. Click below to learn more and remember all Altus affiliates get discounts for their amazing and affordable service.
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In a constantly evolving industry, EZLynx is always on the cutting edge of what independent agents need. EZLynx is not only a comparative rater but an agency management system that is hands down the most versatile. Receive policy downloads, get rates from all of your carriers at once, generate ACORDS with one-click and so much more! All of our agencies gain access to EZLynx with unbelievably affordable pricing, saving you thousands a year when partnering with Altus Market Access. Contact our sales to learn more. Sales@altusaccess.com