Altus Partnership

Are you a veteran? An established agent that is looking to participate in profit-sharing on grander scale? Want more carriers without needing premium commitments? While growth is vital to any P&C agency, we know retention is also. Having access to the leading carriers means keeping your clients for years to come. In partnering with us, you will gain access to the additional preferred markets you need without being over extended by unreasonable premium commitments. Get the profit sharing you deserve and the direct appointment with carriers you need to give your clients the best market access available.

  • No Premium commitments
  • Highest commissions in the industry
  • Grow your preferred lines book of business
  • Access to the leading Personal & Commercial lines market
  • Binding Authority
  • 100% Book Ownership
  • Leading Rating & Management system
  • Non captive
  • Mobile optimization service for easier client service and client retention
  • Profit sharing
  • Tiered bonus structure