Altus Access
[al-tuhs ak-ses]
  1. Noble or profound, to rise above.
  2. To give independent agents the carrier access and compensation
    to achieve the success they deserve.
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Are you just getting started? Looking to start your own agency? Get access to the leading preferred carriers in the industry and an all in one comparative rater and agency management system. We keep your expenses low and give you the tools you need to start a business you can be proud of. In short, we make you look good...


Are you currently working with a cluster, GA or wholesaler? Do you already have direct appointments but you’re looking for additional carriers to be the most competitive option for your clients? looking to expand your preferred personal lines business without having to make unreasonable production commitments? We got...


Are you a veteran? An established agent that is looking to participate in profit-sharing on grander scale? Want more carriers without needing premium commitments? While growth is vital to any P&C agency, we know retention is also. Having access to the leading carriers means keeping your clients for years to come. In partnering...

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